Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Coordinating

I have always wanted to be a wedding coordinator. I just love it and think it fits my skill suits very well! Lucky me -- I was able to fully coordinate a wedding this past summer. It was a fantastic experience. The day was cray cray, and I still want to be a wedding coordinator -- just call me J.Lo!

Prepping for the rehearsal dinner with the ladies from my church

Preparing with wine and "The Wedding Planner," the night before. ;)

My gift to them -- mugs and a plate that everyone signed at the rehearsal dinner.

The groom's adorable sisters!

How cute are they?

The girls were told to find pink dresses (MOH in mustard) -- I thought they were so cute!

Toasts from the best man.

I thought I lost this picture on my phone, so glad I found it!
I was so glad to take part in this special day. The whole wedding was planned in a matter of weeks (no, it was not a shotgun wedding, it was a military schedule wedding). It was crazy and that was before I stepped in as coordinator. The family said they were blessed to have me, and I really enjoyed it. Anyone else need a wedding planner?


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