Monday, July 23, 2012


Sometimes I do not want to title a post because I have just no idea what to say. You know? Like today's title could have been "Mexican cat crochet onion" if we went with the first four pictures. But that is just crazy. Then again, maybe it's quirky, and I should just go with it? I dunno. Regardless, here are some random pictures from the beginning of June.

Matt made tacos. They were tasty. We totally just ate them at the counter like this.

This is Brooke. And Halvsies. Brooke and I used to have lunch together weekly.
Then she quit her job. Now she's pregnant. We happened to grab breakfast this day.

Ripple blanket with Skeaks underneath. Can you even see her?
The blanket is almost done. The only reason that I let the cats get close to it is because it is for them.

Green Onions & Swiss Chard that my Mother in law grew. I'm still in awe.

I made an earring holder. I love it. I actually wear my earrings now!
[because I see them out on display, not hidden in a box]

We played frisbee one afternoon. It was exhausing. My ponytail looks cute though!

I came home to nap with Halvs.
The end. I cannot find more crochet pictures. So you shall have to wait. Hopefully you do. And hopefully I can finish writing up my crochet t-shirt rug pattern!


  1. LOVE the colors you chose for the ripple blanket. The kitties seem to approve, too!

  2. Haha! I totally know what you mean about the post title! I go through that all the time. Looks like you've been mighty busy girl! :-)

  3. Thanks girls! And yes, I have been quite busy!


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