Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pinteresting T-Shirts

A few weeks ago I saw the cutest shirt of my friend's Instagram feed. I asked her what she did and it sounded super simple. "Write on your shirt with glue. Let it dry. Dye it. Wash it out." I can totally do that! So I looked up the pin and then got going -- I was hoping for better results than my bleach t-shirt! The shirt below is actually tie-dyed, but I LOVED it! Matthew screen printed satan is a liar onto the shirt a long time ago. Sadly, I didn't rinse the shirts out well enough, so the dye kinda went back into the shirts in the washer. But you can just faintly make out the tie dye on this shirt (this picture was before I washed it)

They came out looking awesome! The dye definitely got weaker as I kept going, but I was still happy with the results. My favorite was a shirt that started out light pink. I wrote lyrics to Matthew and I's song on it and then  it ended up a deep pink with the dye. The words are hard to read (have you ever tried writing with glue?), but I know what it says. I can't believe I don't have a picture of it!

There. A before picture. Anywho, I ended up dying like five shirts and three onesies. I just realized that I only kept a couple of pictures.

The picture above is another one of my dyed shirts. It was originally gray (the color of the LOVE) and ity was dyed in the second batch - so it just turned a pale purple. I had used my bleach pen (below) and really liked the speckled look - so I added it to this shirt for a mixed-media pizzaz. That LOVE design was my original pattern for the bleach shirt.

I really wanted the bleach pen to work, so I gave it another whirl on this black shirt (which I bought at the Dollar Store). It failed. Again. I decided it must be old and thusly the bleach must be bad (does bleach go bad?) So I came up with a genious solution -- add straight bleach to the pen! It worked almost immediately! The only problem with the straight bleach was that it bled more than the gel. But I ended up liking the look. It also gave me the ability to flick it and make speckles. So happy with my shirts!

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  1. Love this! Love all the shirts, what a fun project to do on a craft night with friends for summer or something :-)


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