Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday in the Bay

I was lucky to celebrate my birthday for over a week this year! I went to the Bay Area for a shower and my parents spoiled me with some birthday gifts too! I also remembered to pack a few doilies that I was working on. Those are great projects for traveleing, because they take up so little room!

My mom gave me her old Kindle and it had the Hunger Games on it.
I possibly read all weekend and barely saw my fam... possibly...

Coffee for two!

What do you think I (my mom) bought?

A gift from my sweet friend Jess.

Wine tasting afternoon with Mom. So fun!

Caramel Birthday Cheesecake
And I can't forget... birthday dinner at Paradiso!

One last pic from the winery (we were at Concannon, if you were wondering).
 Pictures from the shower to come later...

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