Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fire Academy Family Night

The boys from Class 25 of the MVC Fire Academy invited their families over for a little night of fire fun. We were able to eat dinner with the cadets and then watch them do evolutions (I learned that term that night -- it's basically whatever exercise they are practicing). It was a fun night with my parents and his parents, including a few martinis afterwards!! I thought I would share some pictures from the night -- if you follow NewlyWife, then you've seen them already.
With my man before dinner.
Matt was on flag duty. He folded the California flag.
The school is para-military, so everything is by the book!
Waiting for the evolutions with my Momma.
Uniform inspections by their instructors.
I believe Matt was first on the nozzle on this one.

That reflective 21 means it is my man!

Matt is behind me -- waiting for his next turn
Right after he came off of the drill grounds

Went out for drinks with my parents and Matt's parents afterwards.
It was lots of fun!

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