Friday, May 25, 2012

Food, Crochet, and New Shoes

Life just keeps moving on... More Insta-randomness

Making a bunch of breakfast sandwiches for Matt's last two weeks of school.
I made like 12 of them. Wrapped each in a paper towel and then put in a ziploc and froze.

The ripple blanket is coming along nicely (although I have about 5 current projects)

Im obsessed with cute sandals, I've recently added four pairs to my closet!

This was the result of a long night of heat pressing...

Apricot Jam! Is it bad to stick them in the fridge to make them seal / pop?
There you have it. Random life of mine. In case you were wondering, the jam was super tasty, I've given most of it away though -- I should have saved more!


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