Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Christmas in July Coasters

I was so excited about Christmas in July yesterday that I stayed up late getting pictures of my coasters!  Sadly, late night pictures are not always the best.  Poor lighting = poor pictures.  I took a few more pictures during my lunchbreak today to make up for it though!

Not too bad for 11 pm, right??
 Christmas Mittens Coasters -- only $9 for the next 2 weeks!

Taken at 12:15 pm -- much better lighting!
What is guarunteed to bring about that holiday spirit??  Pine trees, of course!  These could actually be winter or fall coasters.  If you have a cabin, these are perfect for the ambiance!

Into the Woods - $9 for a set of 4, that is 25% off!

Remember, this sale lasts for two weeks, so get to shopping!  You only have one week and six days left!


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