Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am super proud of my husband!  Today marks his last day of EMT class (actually he is just testing all day -- Monday was his last day of class!).  I started this post back when he started (6 weeks ago), but this has been such a whirlwind month and a half that I have not had time to post about it!

He is in a para-military EMT course where he had to be in uniform daily -- complete with pushups and laps if anything was lacking!

When we were up North for a family reunion, he took everyone's vitals!  Lucky for him, we were all willing subjects!

I am so proud of my husband for all of the HARD WORK that he put into this class.  We are one step closer towards him being a fire fighter now!  He is hoping to get into the Spring 2012 Fire Academy!  Have I said how proud of him I am?? :)


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