Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7: French Press Cozy - COMPLETED

Pattern #127: French Press Cozy

Today is a different day than normal. I am designing the pattern! I finished the product, but I have not yet finished writing out the pattern.

Update: I have mine finished. Check out the finished pictures:

Here is the original post, which I am leaving up, because I like the inspiration!

The background info - my Mom requested a French Press cozy. However, I could not find any crochet patterns that I liked. I found 2 knit patterns, one by Derek & Lauren and the other by Mary Townsend, but nothing for crochet. So I started to make my own. About halfway through I realized that my Mom and I have different sized french presses. So I have to create a new pattern to fit hers. Eventually the pattern will suit both the tall skinny model that I have, and the short fat model that she has!

For now, you can see my inspiration from:

Derek & Lauren

and Mary Townsend
[all pictures are from their pattern sites on Ravelry]

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  1. haha that makes me want to grab some grey socks, a big sweatshirt, and a cup of hot chocolate and go sit on a couch with a book in front of a fire.


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