Monday, May 24, 2010

Granny Along Week #3

Week 3:

This week I made a lot of progress on my squares - and decided to go big and make the full size blanket. Wow. That's a major step for me! I will pretty much have to double what everyone else is doing in the CAL to keep up. I have now completed all 20 of my inner white squares, 6 of those to the green layer, and 4 of those are completely finished (minus weaving in ends. that's my least favorite part!). I have also made 5 of the 15 inner green squares that I need to make.

My goal for this week: finish the inner green squares and complete 4 of the squares that are white / green already.

Another assignment for this week was to list our favorite crochet blogs. I regularly read one of Missie's listed faves, Attic 24.

I also really like Hannah over at Bittersweet. She posts a mixture of Vegan recipes and crochet patterns - quite a different mix, I know! She seems like a real sweetheart and I love checking out her blog, whenever she has a new post up!

Lastly, I am a fan of Pren over at Convival Crafter. She is a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan, just like myself! She also does Renaissance Faire stuff, so that is fun to read about.

Both girls are on Ravelry, and both have contributed patterns to the community over there.

Want to see how everyone else did this week? Check out Week 3.

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