Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Granny Along: Week 1

I decided to join the granny along over at Crafting with Cat Hair (and no she doesn't use cat hair in her crafts, she just has cats and the hair sometimes gets in the projects... I can understand!). I am excited because I have never been in a crochet along like this! The task for week 1 is to explain which pattern we picked, who it is for, and to review the pattern for potential problems.

I am making the La Push blanket -- and it is a pattern that will be posted here during Twilight week (which also coincides with the June 30th premiere of Eclipse!). So yes, I am killing 2 birds with one stone! And I am making the lap sized version, I do not like the pattern enough to make a full size!
(Edited 5/7: at least I did not at first, I'm now about halfway through the first square and I really like it)

I am not sure who will get this. I decided to make the colors from the movie. So maybe I will give it away in a swap on Ravelry. Or if you are my friend and you want it, let me know! :)

I did find some problems with the pattern. There were a few typos and some rounds missing, but I emailed the designer about it. I also looked at her project page on Ravelry, and I think I can see how she did it! There are 6 other people who made this blanket and they said it was easy -- so I am hoping that is the case!
Edited 5/7: The designed had mistakenly uploaded the wrong file, so all is correct now! So much easier to understand!

Here is a picture of my materials and the pattern. I usually print 2 pages per sheet, so I can conserve paper. I also use scratch paper :)

If you want to join us for this granny along, please do! Check out Missie's first granny along post on her blog!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining the Granny Along and choosing the La Push blanket. I am so glad you chose this pattern too and that you noticed some problems too.

    I also took your advice and added a linky tool to the week 1 post. Thanks!


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