Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25: Movie Night Outfit

Pattern #145: Movie Night Outfit

This is a fun pattern from darski on Crochetville. I think it is a great pajama party outfit. The only thing I have to make for my crochet every day challenge is the top and bottom. The rest is just too much!

Do any of you have American Girl dolls? Or similar 18 inch dolls, I guess. Will any of you be crocheting this?

Picture from Darski:

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  1. I love the sun dress. I've always wanted to crochet some outfits for my American Girl doll -- in fact, I have the Samantha one, too! Unfortunately, I have so many projects on my plate I haven't had a chance to start. Plus, my grandma had previously made several outfits. I can't push those aside.


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