Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fourth of July Decor

One of my goals is to create something from this blog for every season. If I aim for just one thing, then I will slowly build up my seasonal collection each year. Smart, right? Last year I made a wreath and a hair bow and some flip flops. If you notice, none of that is crocheted! The year before, I held a patriotic coaster crochet along. A lot of you participated and it was fun seeing what everyone made. This year, I made up for last, with two crocheted projects!

First up, I made some patriotic coasters. These are round, not square, and finish up my set with the stars!

Second, I made a potholder. It's cute, but is it functional? I'm still not sure if I trust a crocheted potholder. Do you?

Did you make any fun decorations for this Fourth of July?


  1. Cute coaster and pot holder Megan.


  2. The crocheted potholders are better than the store bought kind...thicker and more durable.


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