Friday, March 22, 2013

Finishing Things Up.

I've finished a few things recently, and it's high time I shared them. Sharing these finished project posts is like the final check on my list for each pattern. If you're new here, I started this in 2010 by posting a pattern a day, with the goal to finish all 365 projects by the end of 2014. I still have a ways to go, but I'm happy with my progress. A few patterns have disappeared after I posted them, so I'll change them up (that's the case with the Newsie Hat). Anywho.

First up is this adorable Newsie Cap [Jan 16]. My friend requested it for her son and I just could not say no! I took a few pictures of my own, but the one of him wearing it is just too precious.

Next is a doily that I actually finished back in October. I just forgot to take pictures before I gave it to my mom and then I kept putting off updating the post. Now the Cluster Stitch Doily [Sept 21] is fully complete, posted and all! Also, I hate cluster stitches. Aptly named, this pattern is fully of them. Boy was I glad to be done with this!

Lastly are these two adorable baskets. I made them in one or two days (I only crochet for an hour or two a day). They are chunky yarn, and two strands together, so they worked up FAST. I used this pattern and this one too! Oh, and most importable, my friend loved them. She found them on pinterest and just had to commission me to make them! :)

What have you finished lately?

[Note: the links will take you to my original post and the pattern links]


  1. Those baskets are so cute! Actually, everything is cute! Good job!

  2. Congrats on the cute finishes Megan.


  3. I am frequently commissioned for pinterest finds by my non-crafty friends :-)


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