Thursday, December 1, 2011

Instagram Thursday

I have some pictures of a finished project that I REALLY want to share with you, but I think my friend / the recipient reads the blog. So... we must wait a few more days until her package make it to her! Here are a few snippets from the last week or so.
Our tree is up and it feels like Christmas!
We painted Christmas gifts... Matt is definitely the artist of the family!
After painting ceramics, we had a little sushi date. This was delish!
The ladies on my dad's side of the family... and what happens when an iPhone catches part of a camera's flash! This pictures cracks me up!
Matt took an evening nap with Skweaks lounging on his lap
Apparently we make great beds! haha And my pants are not that short, they are apparently just pulled up weird. Weird.
Hope you enjoyed these photos. I was going to post one of a work in progress, but I just finished, so I will try to post all of the pictures tomorrow!

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