Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet CAL Finished Up!

I know, I know... I am like 2 weeks late! I was not super motivated to get this picture up. Probably because I was alone in this CAL. Now, that is just sad! haha I guess I will just hold off on future CALs for awhile. How cute is this candy, though?

Can you see my freaky arm shadow? haha I did finish up a few other projects, so those will be posted soon -- once I get some good pictures! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! And if you did make some sweet candy along with me, please post a link here!


Update: I was totally not alone! Rengawk made some super cute candy corn. Go on and check out her post for a bunch of pictures, but here is one that I stole.

Thanks for joining in! Any other lurkers out there who played along in this sweetness?


  1. I'm sorry I didn't join in, the thing was, I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do! Did i miss a post with a pattern?

  2. Thanks for the nudge to write up the 2nd post for me! You're not alooooone! I have cute candy to share :)

    I love your little collection! Your freaky arm shadow that I totally didn't notice can go along with my creative photography that just looks like I can't use the camera.

    Pretend it is you grabbing for the candy! See, totally intentional grabby arm shadow.

  3. Wait, that link was wrong, it was leftover on my clipboard from my post, so at least it is relevant?

    Try this instead...

  4. I really wanted to participate, but was going out of my mind during October :( Hopefully you can do a small Christmas one because I love making Christmas things :D I'll be stressed out in December, but that's okay because it's a fun season to be stressed about, lol.


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