Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stars & Stripes

I am trying to create a pattern for these stars, but for now you can just take a peek!  Please excuse the weirdness of my ironing board.  It's just water -- not sure why it looks brown.  Do any of those stars look more starlike than the others?  Which do you like?  Or do they all look the same? haha

I also finished up the first in a new set of scrubbers from Big Girl Jewelry -- the ridged scrubby set.  I am  halfway through the second pattern, and excited to start the third!  I tried it once already, but I was tired and could not make sense of it -- so I went with the easier two!  Here's the Vertical Ridges Scrubby.


  1. hi love your stars especially the one on the right is it the same yarn as the scrubby i love multicoloured yarn

  2. Ditto Joan, I like the one on the right. Seems like he points are "sharper."

  3. I vote for the rightmost star, too. It looks the most regal.

  4. Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind! :)


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