Monday, June 27, 2011

Patriotic Crochet Along Participants

Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far.  I am having a blast crocheting my little coasters, and it has been fun seeing why you all chose to do it!  Here are the participants so far:

Jenn (Jenn Loves Yarn) is doing Red, White, and Blue.  The blue she chose is unique, and I love the combination of colors!

Paula (Confessions of a Crochet & Cross Stitch Pattern Slut) is also doing Red, White, and Blue -- and she finished hers already! I love the border that she added to around the edge, and the two with variagated yarn.  I have been looking for that yarn all over!  Also, cotton was probably a much better choice than my acrylic / polyester!

Rengawk (Rengawk's Ramblings) is joining us for her first crochet along!  I love it when people join up for the first time! She has a fun selections of reds, whites, and blues!  [And Rengawk, welcome to the CAL world!  I tried to comment on your post, but blogger was being weird and would not let me!  :(  ]

Holly Louise ('Cause I'm a Blonde) has a super cute blog, and has also finished up her coasters already!  She made a set in red, white, and blue for her grandma (how sweet is that??) and in pinks for herself! [And hello to you too, blogger would not let me post my comment on your blog either!]

Major props to the ladies who finished already.  They do work up pretty quick, don't they!  I finished up mine, I just need to get pictures taken!  Go ahead  an post here if you decided to join late, or if I missed you, or if you finished your set!  I cannot wait to see them all!


  1. The variegated yarn I used is a cotton from Peaches & Cream. Right now, they are selling out their supplu. I have bought over $100 worth of yarn cone in two orders . . . trying to get basic colors that I will be able to use with anything. But, the colors I buy I also like, so I have almost empties the Red cone =)

  2. You broke blogger!

    I ended up using some Peaches & Cream too, but in a red and white mix...I've gotta get moving on new pictures, the ones I took didn't come out very well!


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