Monday, June 6, 2011

Leftovers in the Shop

I'm super excited because I have some new items listed in my shop.  The success of the Craft Fair definitely gave me some renewed enthusiasm and answered some prayers about the future of my business.  And -- praise the Lord -- I had a sale this weekend!  I asked a friend for some advice about how to sell successfully on etsy, and she gave me some great tips -- but the most important was to pray.  She told me she would be praying for my shop as well -- how kind and loving is that? Thank you for that, Lora.

And now, recently listed items in the shop:

I am so excited.  I also made the cutest little pink beanie.  I just need to get pictures taken and I will list it.  I used a new flower pattern, creating my own from a Lion Brand pattern.  I will definitely share it with you!  I also won a couple items at giveaway day, so I am very excited to share those with you!


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