Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Eggs

I went on an egg cozy craze last week!  After making the black sheep, I quickly whipped up these chicken and ducky cozies.  Too bad I am so slow at getting pictures taken!  What usually happens is I use my work break to go outside and get pictures (you can see the office's lawn and picnic table in these pics)  haha  Here are a few pictures of the Ducky (Apr 2: Ducky Egg Cozy) and Chicken (April 1: Chicken Egg Cozy). 

I really love the pattern for the chicken.  I thought it was well written and the final product was beautiful (well as beautiful as a chicken egg cozy can be!)

Do you see the hidden ducky egg cozy?
As always, their project pages have been updated, as has the completed projects page.  I am so glad to be ready for a holiday early this year (yes, my Easter decor is up!  Woo hoo!)

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  1. LOVE the chicken! All of your eggs are going to be nice and cozy this Easter.


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