Thursday, April 14, 2011

Table Set

I wanted to share my most recent creation with you.  I made this doily, first in a set of three.  The next doily will match this one (approx. 12" x 16"), but the last one will be approximately 12" x 36".  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.  I used sized 3 crochet thread.  I think that's the biggest thread.  That made the pattern work up pretty quickly! haha

Can you tell what I am making now?

I am excited to finish up that project and start my next.  But that remains a secret too! haha  I also finished another beret for my sista, but I have not gotten a picture yet.  Plus, I think it is too small for her. Bummer.  I want to design my own slouchy / beanie / beret patterns... so we will see how that goes!


  1. Nice doily!!

    And your little amigurumi is looking cute!

  2. I was blog hopping..hopped into yours. I am thinking it is a bunny?

  3. It is an Easter bunny. And it is still not finished! haha It just needs some blush (for the pink in the ears) and a felt nose & mouth! Other things have taken precedence for the time being, though!


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