Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday in Disneyland

I am sure it seems like I have abandoned you all, but I swear that is not the case!  I actually had a birthday last week (the 18th) and then with Easter this past weekend, I just got distracted.   My awesome hubby actually threw me a surprise party for my birthday -- it was fantastic!!  I have actually been crocheting a lot -- and sewing more too!  I have decided to have a Spring Boutique Craft Fair at my house in May (the 21st, let me know if you live in So Cal and want the location) and so I have been in overdrive getting ready for that.  I am planing to sell things for the home (coasters, coffee cozies, and pot holders) and the head (beanies and headbands). haha  I actually have way  more items already made than I thought, so I am working on finishing up the rest of what I want to accomplish (65 more things) in the next 26 days! The doilies are being put on  hold for just a bit.  I really hope this fair goes well.  My profits will be going towards a missionary family moving to Indonesia (10%), supplies (10-20%) and getting a business / resale license (70-80%) so I can have a booth at our local farmers market this fall!  Anywho, here are a few pictures from our day at Disneyland.  Enjoy!

If I remember, I will post a few pictures from when we got STUCK in Alice in Wonderland!  Craziness!

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  1. Cool plans! I so envy you! And happy belated b-day :-)


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