Monday, July 1, 2013


This post has been awhile in the making. I actually made these back in February / March. My sister in law is pregnant with my first niece or nephew and I have not been able to stop making things for him / her. Thankfully, they aren't finding out what he or she is, so I can only do so much. They said that the nursery theme was animals, like giraffes and pandas. So I decided to crochet a few giraffe things.

First I made this amigurumi giraffe from Lion Brand. I love how the little guy turned out. Although, I feel like I have to tell people that he is a giraffe. hahaha

Next up I created my own giraffe hat! That's right. I made a pattern. I saw a few things that I liked in pinterest, but not the exact pattern. So I just went for it. I'm working on typing it up, if you are interested! I'm kind of in love with it!

Any other animal things that I should make for my new niece or nephew?


  1. Still in love with our little giraffe goodies...and I'm sure baby will be too! :)

  2. Love that hat!!!

    I like the amigurumi, too--wonder if slightly shorter legs would have made the neck seem longer and therefore not need explanation? Just the same--he's adorable!!!!!!

    1. Hmmm. Good idea! Thank you, Mindy!

    2. ...and look what else I just found:



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