Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Crochet Along

Happy Monday to you all!  I am super excited about this next Crochet Along.   I really enjoy these, and I think you all do too.  Last year we did the pumpkin, which was super simple, but very cute!  This year, you all chose to do something sweet!  It is actually easier than last year's!

 The choice is any of these three Lion Brand candy patterns.  I chose those because they are in my CED challenge and such.  I actually crocheted all of these last month, so I will create new ones for this crochet along.

I could not decide which picture to use for the CAL, so I just put up both of them.  You pick which one you like best!  Here are the three patterns:

Pick one (or all three) and use up some scraps to make these fun little guys.  If you have a different candy pattern that you want to use, then go ahead by all means.  Just leave it in the comments and I will put up a link! As usual, we will split this CAL into two.  So this week you can post about what you plan to make.  Also, post a picture of your materials.  Any tiny little balls of leftover yarn?  Those are perfect for this project!  I will post links to all of your posts on Monday.  Please leave a comment here with a link to your first post!  I am probably going to do a giveaway with this CAL as well, but it is a secret!


  1. Hey Megan!
    Thank you so much for your comment, I love being a mum! Not sure when I will be blogging again but I am still around and reading all my favourite blogs, including yours! :)
    Have a great day!


  2. I added a link in my post to a candy-clops, but here it is too!

    My CAL start post!


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