Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Table Set Up

As evidences by yesterday's post, I am really really excited about my Craft Fair.  My wonderful hubby let me set up my table early -- so I can get everything JUST right! haha I snapped these pictures really quickly, on my way out the door, this morning.

That is an overview of the whole table.   Some things are still in the box below (like napkins for snacks and doubles of some items).  I want to add more height / dimension, but I am not entirely sure how / what to do .  Any suggestions?

This half is accessories.  I have posted patterns for most of these beanies on the blog.  Soon, I will post about each one and which pattern was used -- and how I am checking off more CED patterns!  I love the headbands and have been wearing them non stop.  There are some that are yarn wrapped, and others that are sewn.  Most have flowers, but some do not. 

The other half of the table is (mostly) sewn items for the home.  There are coasters and potholders as well as coffee cozies.  I worked really hard on the packaging of each item.  I am still breaking down the price for each one, and I need to make price signs.  Any suggestions on price labels?  Should I use a placecard type pricing system, or maybe a label on a little stick in the baskets / vases?  What do you all do?


  1. IIs the table all of the width that you have? When a friend and I were sellingat fairs, we always took a folding drying rack (for clothes) and hung items on it. Sometimes we would tie ribbons from the rungs and then use clothes pins to "pin" items to the ribbon. The more colors of ribbon, the more people seemed to stop and look.

  2. I usually use a piece of white paper and a black sharpie and write big the items and price. It's easier than labeling every item, but only if you have the same price for the items per category. Like say all hats are one price, all coasters are a set price, etc. Great stuff! Hope you have a great time!


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