Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giraffe & Snowman

Good Afternoon! I've been busy crocheting lately. That Flowers in the Snow blanket is coming along quite nicely. Granted, it has been put aside for the moment in the name of gifts to be created, but really, it is quite beautiful!

I made this adorable little giraffe awhile back. There was no real reason other than I thought the pattern was cute and I wanted to use up scraps (the blanket wasn't using them up as fast as I thought). Unsurprisingly this did not use up many of the scraps either. Still, I love this guy and am totally saving him for a future child. This one won't be a gift.
It already looks at home on the couch, with the fleece blanket, quilt, and afghan! I am a woman of many talents (although the quilt was totally made for me, I am not that talented)!

Lastly, I whipped up this snowman ornament in an afternoon. It was a CED project (November 30) and became a gift for a fire wife sister. Fun. Right?


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