Monday, September 16, 2013

Babies, Blankets, Pets & More

I love seeing people use the things that I make for them. Seriously, it brings me such great joy. I finished up this Hexagon Blanket in June and was not sure who it was intended for. When my friend Bobbi received her daughter last week, I just knew the blanket was for her. I have seen a few pictures of her laying on it, and I LOVE it. Totally makes my heart happy!
Little Rylee is the sweetest thing ever. I was privileged enough to visit her twice already, including at her Meet & Greet yesterday. I love holding little ones, and cannot wait for the day when I have my own in my arms!
When Kai is in the house, the kitties pretty much stay up on the couch / away from her. They are usually out during the day, so I don't feel bad about this. However when Kai is outside, they think they rule the house again. Here is Halvsies in my craft room, he found the perfect spot! haha
This picture is two months old, but I still cannot believe Kai was ever so tiny!
Lastly, any guesses as to what I am making with these pom poms??

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