Monday, September 24, 2012

May, Wine, Sushi, Vacuum

Things were busy back in June. After the wedding, we went up to the Central Coast for a family reunion. Wine tasting was a must before the family got together and sushi was a fun treat afterwards. Good times!

Coffee & Crochet with Mel before we left town (I'm almost done with that blanket)!

Mom and I!

Matt is a huge fan of wine tasting! haha

Broski, Dad, and Me!

Mmm. Lots of yummy sushi!

This is what work looks like for me! Driving out to the desert, 110 degrees!

New vacuum. We LOVE it!
And that is that! How is your Tuesday going?


  1. love, love, love the colors in the afghan

  2. The afghan looks great & that vacuum looks so sleek! :-)

  3. Thanks ladies! And I LOVE the vacumm! So easy to use, cordless, amazing! :)

  4. That blanket pattern is fantastic! Where did you find it? Oh, and I noticed a little something else crocheted in the picture - what was that?

    1. Thanks! It is from Attic 24.

      And my friend was crocheting a little dog toy for her son! it's adorable!


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