Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My office = The Office

Some days around the office feel like an episode from the office.  One thing I can count on (most days) is laughter.  I thought I would share some random funny business from my workplace...
Lunchroom Banter:
Becky - I feel like we could make money if I followed you around with a camera
Me - yeah and we could post it on YouTube, call is MegN

Me - I made hot dog buns last night.
Becky - I feel like you would survive in the old times, like you should go back to Amish days. Or on that reality show.
Me - I could totally do that... Oh hold on I gotta find out if Justin and Selena broke up for you!
Becky - And then you say stuff like that and ruin it.

Around the Cubicles:
Becky - [puzzled look as I shuffle by her desk]
Me - What?  I'm shufflin'!  EverydayI'mShufflin. 

See the video below to know what I am talking about.  Awesome music video, by the way!

Me & Janet are watching the Party Rock Anthem video (above) and Becky comes in, laughs at us for a second, then proceeds to shuffle right out of the cubicle -- right into the owner. 
Owner - What the hell is that?  A damn jackalope? [then he starts laughing]
Becky - Um... hahahahha.... I'm shufflin..... Wow that was embarrassing
Janet & I cannot stop laughing and I have to go back to my desk to try and stop laughing.  I'm still laughing now and that was three hours ago!  Seriously, I cannot stop giggling everytime I think about it.

And my photo for today, August Break the 10th, is of my current work.  Boxes upon boxes of papers to shred.  Brings me back to the summer of 2004 and listening to Radio Alice with Emily as we cleaned out the dungeon (hot upper storage closet / room at my mom's office).

  Yes, I did change names to try and keep some semblance of privacy!

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