Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Break, the 24th

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A few months ago we had a Mary Kay makeover night at Bible Study (well, in lieu of...).  I thought I would share my before and afters today.  :)

Messy hair, major breakout, uneven skin tone (yes, I ruffled my hair to make it an even better "before" picture, I also tried to look sad and pathetic.  You should see the outtakes haha)

Even skin tone, eyes popping, hair fixed.  What wonders a little makeup can do.
It is funny because I look at these pictures and immediately see the flaws.... there's my big nose... that's too much lipstick... my eyebrows look funky.  Instead, I need to look at them and think of the beautiful creature that God made me to be - awesome blue eyes, long hair (even tho it is hidden), sparkle in my eyes, etc.  Remember, we are each beautifully and wonderfully made!  Oh yeah, and happy hump day!


  1. Yes, that is right, we ARE beautifully and wonderfully made. Thank you so much for your blog. I am a preteen pastor's daughter, and I have been looking for some clean crochet blogs. I am very happy to find yours! Well, I have got to go find my crochet hook, and explore your patterns! Thanks Again!

  2. Thanks Mindy! And Becca, I am glad to have you! I didn't know there were not clean crochet blogs, but maybe I'm just not looking (I'm not). Hopefully this inspires you... go ahead and look through ALL the patterns that I posted last year. It will be fun!


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