Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ravellenic Games, Finishes 4 and 5

These two projects were pretty quick to whip up. The snowflake definitely took a bit of concentration at first, but then I was just able to go with it! I have really enjoyed the Olypmics this year. Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas are probably two of my faves. Well, most of the women swimmers seem pretty awesome. And Lochte... well... if only he could tweet without typos. At least he is easy on the eyes -- and an amazing swimmer. Did you know he has 11 medals -- second only to Phelps (I think they are 1 and 2 in US atheletes number of medals, but don't quote me on that). REgardless, it is a stat that no one really talks about, because what is 11, compared to Phelps' 21? Anywho. What you really want to see are some photos...
Baby Ballet Slippers. Here's the important question -- are these masculine enough for a little boy to wear them? Too feminine? Tell me, please!

Snowflake Hat. Makes me want cocoa, fire, and some snowy weather! Not that we get snow here. Ever.

Remember, you can always keep track of my crochet every day progress by clicking on completed projects. What have you recently finished? Do you feel accomplished, like I do?

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