Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31: Bootie

Pattern #151: Bootie

This is Lion Brand's take on a baby bootie. It is worked differently than more others that I have made. Will you give this one a shot? And in what color?

Picture from Lion Brand:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30: Blue Pinafore with Ruffles - COMPLETED

I am excited to start another week of baby crochet patterns. I recently found out that a few more friends are expecting. And I know that some of you readers wanted more baby clothes. So here we go, one more week of baby crochet things!


I made this cute pinafore in just a couple of days. I am super happy with how it turned out! I still think it is way too tiny for a baby to fit in, but we shall see!

There is a super cute purple button on the back, but I forgot to take a picture of it! Oh well. This shirt thing is adorable!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29: Seasoned Just Right

Pattern #149: Seasoned Just Right

I love the variety of clothing in this patterns. You could make so many outfits for your American Girl doll. What colors should I use?

Picture from Darski on Crochetville:

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28: Fringed Scrapghan & Pillow - COMPLETED

This is another Cobbler's Cabin pattern, I would love to use up extra yarn in this way. What about you? Do you have a bunch of little scraps like this?


Updated April 12, 2013: I expected this to use up tons of scrap yarn. Sadly, it did not. I am still using it for another scrappy project. This is a cute little American Girl blanket though. My pup sure had a blast attacking it though...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27: Ruffled Skirt

Pattern #147: Ruffled Skirt

I like the skirt from this pattern on Crochet N More. What do you think? Will you make it?

Picture from Crochet N More:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26: Yesteryear Sweater

Pattern #146: Yesteryear Sweater

I found this pattern from darski on Crochetville as well. The rest of the outfit is kinda creepy, but I really like the sweater from this one.

Picture from darski:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25: Movie Night Outfit

Pattern #145: Movie Night Outfit

This is a fun pattern from darski on Crochetville. I think it is a great pajama party outfit. The only thing I have to make for my crochet every day challenge is the top and bottom. The rest is just too much!

Do any of you have American Girl dolls? Or similar 18 inch dolls, I guess. Will any of you be crocheting this?

Picture from Darski:

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24: American Girl Winter Tie Hat

Pattern #144: Winter Tie Hat

This is the second pattern in our American Girl series. I found this little winter cap on Ravelry and thought it was just the cutest ever. Plus, 2 of the girls who I make American Girl clothing for live in the mountains - so they will need warm doll clothes too! haha

Picture from Cobbler's Cabin:

Granny Along Week #3

Week 3:

This week I made a lot of progress on my squares - and decided to go big and make the full size blanket. Wow. That's a major step for me! I will pretty much have to double what everyone else is doing in the CAL to keep up. I have now completed all 20 of my inner white squares, 6 of those to the green layer, and 4 of those are completely finished (minus weaving in ends. that's my least favorite part!). I have also made 5 of the 15 inner green squares that I need to make.

My goal for this week: finish the inner green squares and complete 4 of the squares that are white / green already.

Another assignment for this week was to list our favorite crochet blogs. I regularly read one of Missie's listed faves, Attic 24.

I also really like Hannah over at Bittersweet. She posts a mixture of Vegan recipes and crochet patterns - quite a different mix, I know! She seems like a real sweetheart and I love checking out her blog, whenever she has a new post up!

Lastly, I am a fan of Pren over at Convival Crafter. She is a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan, just like myself! She also does Renaissance Faire stuff, so that is fun to read about.

Both girls are on Ravelry, and both have contributed patterns to the community over there.

Want to see how everyone else did this week? Check out Week 3.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23: American Girl Summer Dress

A bunch of the girls at church LOVE American Girl dolls. I made a few "baby booties" last year and they were too small, but perfect for American Girls. The girls loved them so much and I have decided to make them some more clothes for their dolls. This week will be all about American Girl doll clothes. As for this one, it looks like a major challenge.

Picture from ABC Knitting & Crocheting:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22: Mary Jane Slippers - COMPLETED

Pattern #142: Mary Jane Slippers

These adult sized slippers are actually what I was looking for when I found yesterday's slippers. Before this pattern, I could only find baby sized Mary Janes. Those just won't fit me! So thanks to Lisa over at Good Knits, we have this pattern today! And her blog header is ohmygoodknits -- say that out loud, it will make you giggle, I promise! I don't know if my slippers would ever look as cute as Lisa's, but I will try!

Mine ended up cute, but not as perfect as Lisa's. They are a gift for someone who's feet are just a bit bigger than mine, so they are a tid bit big on me. I hope they fit the recipient - and that she sends me cute pictures! but for now, my pictures:

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21: Cottage Slipper Socks - COMPLETED

Pattern #141: Cottage Slipper Socks

I found this Lion Brand pattern and fell in LOVE! How cute are these little sock thingies? I'm not entirely sure when I will wear them, but I love how they look. Maybe I will add felt or suede or something stiff to the bottom, so I can wear them outside. What do you think of them?

And here are the rest of my pictures:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20: Romantic Bolero

Pattern #140: Romantic Bolero

I do not know what a bolero is, but it sounds like something you would find at a bull fight in Spain. This would be a perfect little coverup for Valentine's Day. Or maybe not, because it is cold in February. But it does look romantic, right?
Picture from Lion Brand:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19: Moderne Jacket

Pattern #139: Moderne Jacket

This gorgeous top is another Lion Brand find. I should really search for clothing patterns on Ravelry or something -- that way I can find unique and different patterns!

Picture from Lion Brand:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18: Sea Breeze Top

Pattern #138: Sea Breeze Top

This Lion Brand tank top if perfect for the beach. Or just summers in So Cal. It does not really look see-through, which is what has always made me veer away from crocheted / knitted clothing. This is going to be for me, and I'm thinking of making it in blue, what do you think?

Picture from Lion Brand:

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17: Bebop Cardi

Pattern #137: Bebop Cardi

This Lion Brand pattern is super cute! I am not entirely sure who I would make it for, but I do love it!!

Picture from Lion Brand:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

La Push Crochet Along: Week 2

I am a bit late in posting, but I have my first update for the La Push Blanket Crochet Along. I have crocheted 3 squares so far. I am seriously considering the full size blanket though, so I am going right back to my crochet hook tonight! And you cannot tell, but the squares are green and white. Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture!

The extra challenge for this week was to say if we use anything to count our crocheting. Usually I use a paperclip or whatever I can find lying around. Sometimes a piece of yarn, sometimes a safety pin. I haven't needed to count for this project though.

Read the original post for Week 2 at Missie's blog.

May 16: Country Car Coat - COMPLETED

Pattern #136: Country Car Coat

This Lion Brand pattern is gorgeous! I have a ton of this type of yarn in Cilantro, which looks like the pictured color. What do you think, should I make it in the same color?
Oh! And this week is all about clothing. I have started some of the patterns, but I am excited about all of them!

Check out my post on finishing up this sweater.  And here is my picture (yes, I look kinda dorky, I know):

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15: Elizabeth Headband - COMPLETED

Pattern #135: Elizabeth Headband

I love this pattern for the story behind the pattern! It is named after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice. How could you not make a headband named after her? hehe


Updated November 25, 2013: I made this headband in about ten minutes last night. I wanted to mark something off of the list real quick! Instead of making the tie string like she suggested, I sewed elastic to the back. It is perfect for me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14: Headband for the Office

This is another Ravelry only pattern, sorry! If there was a link to a personal website with the pattern, I would totally link it, I swear! I like this headband because it is not super bulky. I'm not sure what color I will use though. Thoughts?
Picture from Kerri Hicks (on Ravelry):

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13: Ring Around the Rosy

Pattern #133: Ring Around the Rosy

Maybe we can call this week accessory week? Well today I have this fun pattern from Crochet Today! for a set of rings. I will need to get some crochet thread so I can make these.
Picture from Crochet Today!:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12: In Bloom Cap - COMPLETED

Pattern #132: In Bloom Beret / Cap

This cute pattern is only on Ravelry (sorry!), but I love it! It was designed by Brittney Waterhouse and can be made into either a beret or cap. I prefer the cap, so that is what I will be crocheting.

Updated 5/3/2011:  I finished the hat and I LOVE it!  Super cute!  I still want to add a couple buttons, and then I will take a picture.  This will be sold at my Craft Fair as well.  If, for some reason, it does not sell -- you will definitely find it on etsy where you can snag it!

5/17/2011:  I finally got a picture!  Sorry it took so long.  I tried taking a few pictures on my  head but I looked spastic.  If it does not sell, I will get some better pictures and post them.  However, it is really cute, so I think it will sell!

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    May 11: Flowers (video)

    Pattern #131: Flowers
    Today's pattern is different from normal, as it is a video. I find that videos can often be helpful. I love the ones over at . And today's video is from Little Birdie secrets.

    Here is a picture of some slippers that she made, with a flower attached:

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    May 10: Teeny Flowers

    Pattern #130: Teeny Flowers

    I do not really have a "theme" for this week, except I was still thinking about Mother's day and cute girly things. There are a few more days of flowers, and then some accessories. This pattern is another from Attic24, I LOVE her patterns. There are only a few, but they are so simple! And her blog is just so cute! I feel like I'm visiting her little English house when I pop over there!

    Picture from Attic24:

    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    May 9: Rose

    Pattern #129: Rose

    This pattern from Planet June is a great one for Mother's Day proper. Wouldn't this be a great gift for your mom? Flowers that she can keep out all year long and they will never turn brown?

    Now I'm really nervous about Father's Day. What the heck do you crochet for the men in your life?

    Picture from Planet June:

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    May 8: Rose Bath Pouf

    Pattern #128: Rose Bath Pouf

    Flowers and bath stuff... can a mothers day get any better than that? I suggest that it cannot. (anyone know who I'm quoting??) I think this is a fun and easy pattern. I'm just not sure if my mom would actually use it in the bathtub - and I wonder if it would get moldy?

    Picture from Joyful Abode:

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    May 7: French Press Cozy - COMPLETED

    Pattern #127: French Press Cozy

    Today is a different day than normal. I am designing the pattern! I finished the product, but I have not yet finished writing out the pattern.

    Update: I have mine finished. Check out the finished pictures:

    Here is the original post, which I am leaving up, because I like the inspiration!

    The background info - my Mom requested a French Press cozy. However, I could not find any crochet patterns that I liked. I found 2 knit patterns, one by Derek & Lauren and the other by Mary Townsend, but nothing for crochet. So I started to make my own. About halfway through I realized that my Mom and I have different sized french presses. So I have to create a new pattern to fit hers. Eventually the pattern will suit both the tall skinny model that I have, and the short fat model that she has!

    For now, you can see my inspiration from:

    Derek & Lauren

    and Mary Townsend
    [all pictures are from their pattern sites on Ravelry]

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    May 6: Beaded Coffee Cozy

    Pattern #126: Beaded Coffee Cozy

    This seems very similar to the other coffee cup cozy -- but this one has BEADS! And that makes it even cuter! This seems like something that any Mom would love. Am I right?

    Picture from Jan Spirik:

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    May 5: Scallop Tea Cozy

    Pattern #125: Scallop Tea Cozy

    This is another pattern from Crochetroo in Australia. I love her patterns! And the ones she sells are pretty sweet too. This would be a perfect gift for any mother who loves tea! And you can make these for charity too, per her site, but not to sell!

    Mom, do you want a tea cozy? hehe

    This is her picture:

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    Granny Along: Week 1

    I decided to join the granny along over at Crafting with Cat Hair (and no she doesn't use cat hair in her crafts, she just has cats and the hair sometimes gets in the projects... I can understand!). I am excited because I have never been in a crochet along like this! The task for week 1 is to explain which pattern we picked, who it is for, and to review the pattern for potential problems.

    I am making the La Push blanket -- and it is a pattern that will be posted here during Twilight week (which also coincides with the June 30th premiere of Eclipse!). So yes, I am killing 2 birds with one stone! And I am making the lap sized version, I do not like the pattern enough to make a full size!
    (Edited 5/7: at least I did not at first, I'm now about halfway through the first square and I really like it)

    I am not sure who will get this. I decided to make the colors from the movie. So maybe I will give it away in a swap on Ravelry. Or if you are my friend and you want it, let me know! :)

    I did find some problems with the pattern. There were a few typos and some rounds missing, but I emailed the designer about it. I also looked at her project page on Ravelry, and I think I can see how she did it! There are 6 other people who made this blanket and they said it was easy -- so I am hoping that is the case!
    Edited 5/7: The designed had mistakenly uploaded the wrong file, so all is correct now! So much easier to understand!

    Here is a picture of my materials and the pattern. I usually print 2 pages per sheet, so I can conserve paper. I also use scratch paper :)

    If you want to join us for this granny along, please do! Check out Missie's first granny along post on her blog!